Policy / Process Documentation And Development


Having policies and procedures in place are an essential part of any organization. These documents provide a roadmap for the day−to−day operations and ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Additionally, they can also ensure consistency with product quality and service, and serve as a training tool. When policies and procedures are regularly reviewed, it can identify where there are gaps or risks and thus provide an opportunity to strengthen and improve processes.

Likely your organization has a policy of some sort to address employee responsibility in adhering to company policy as well as all laws and regulations. As such, it is not enough to make a general statement.

An export control policy is specific in addressing expectations, providing resources and identifies consequences for non−compliance. Without an export control policy in place, those that manage the day−to−day activities of export control have no authority to address issues for non− compliance. It also demonstrates an absence of leadership support. An effective export management and compliance program (EMCP) flows from the top down in words and action. An EMCP is customized to reflect the unique export operations and activities of the organization. Epley Consulting utilizes the Six Sigma method Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) and industry best practices to help businesses identify and develop the protocols necessary to build an effective EMCP.

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